Our Raw Materials

We produce cold-pressed vegetable oils, consistency enhancers and plant extracts from wild jungle plants. The raw materials are natural and are processed with extreme care. Our products contain only active ingredients from genetically pure plants, collected wild in true biodiversity thanks to the secret knowledge of forest dwellers.

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Our sustainable raw materials:
Natural, wild - purer than organic.

We give manufacturers, retailers, and therapists direct access to bioactive Amazon raw materials that have been used by indigenous people for centuries. Our Amazon raw materials can be used pure or for the production of food, natural cosmetics and medical products. Below you will find an overview of our raw materials.
The crowning glory of all vegetable oils: Cold pressed from wild jungle plants and therefore full of bioactive substances.
Put an end to discount raw materials and discover natural consistency enhancers for high-quality natural cosmetics.
Bioactive plant extracts from wild jungle plants with anti-aging effect and for preservation of natural cosmetics.