Our raw materials offer an infinite number of applications in natural cosmetics, food and medicine. Our concept of wild harvesting and our extensive knowledge enable our customers to develop the best products. Contact us!

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Our opinion: “Whoever saves at the wrong end will eventually pay a price on long run.” That is why we produce our Amazon raw materials exclusively from wild native plants. These have been proven to have the highest ecological quality level and the maximum density of active ingredients.
Our assortment of raw materials holds endless and hitherto unexplored application possibilities in the most diverse areas. In the last 10 years we have intensively studied the indigenous and forest people and conducted extensive literature research on the respective plants, fruits and nuts. We would be very pleased to support your application with our knowledge and raw materials.


Examples: Raw foods, health ingredients and dietary supplements.

Natural Cosmetics

Production of pure natural cosmetics without pesticides, mineral oils and synthetic ingredients.

Natural Medicine

Applications can be found in dermatology and veterinary medicine.