Our Story

In the beginning, Lars & Janderley worked in a joint reforestation project, cultivating wild plants and investigating over many years the influence of natural soil amendments, microorganisms and fungi on the remineralization of cleared rainforest areas.

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From reforestation project
to raw material producer

Unfortunately, many reforestation projects fail because they cannot prevail against political and economic interests in the long run. Thus, Lars and Janderley began to inspire indigenous and forest people to harvest copaiba in order to distribute it in Europe as an alternative to CBD oil, ultimately securing independent funding for their own reforestation projects.
By dealing honestly with the forest dwellers of the Amazon, more and more people wanted to harvest copaiba and fruits instead of selling wood or clearing fire and so the idea of wild collection was born. Today, 5 years later, we have a network with hundreds of forest dwellers and process wild fruits to high quality natural products, do research on still unknown plants and the most important thing: we finance our reforestation projects from the income independent of organizations, donations and externally determined constraints.
Our enduring goal: Provide the purest and most sustainable raw materials in the world. Always honest, always one step ahead and thanks to wild raw materials always a noticeable bit better.

Amanaci means "mother of the rain" in the Tupi language

We want to become the most sustainable supplier of natural raw materials from the Amazon. Why? Only in this way we can protect this treasure and make the world a better place.

Amanaci – make earth a better place

We produce natural vegetable oils, consistencies and plant extracts from fruits and nuts of wild jungle plants collected by indigenous partners and forest dwellers in true biodiversity.