Brazil Nut Oil

Bertholletia Excelsa Seed Oil

Traditional Use & Properties*

Linoleic acid, Antioxidant, Selenium,
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Brazil Nut Oil

The high content of selenium and vitamin E provides strong antioxidant properties and not only as a base oil in natural cosmetics, but also to refine cold dishes, pastries and sweets.

Brazil nut: The vital selenium bomb

Brazil nut: The vital selenium bomb Our vital Brazil nut oil impresses with a high content of natural selenium, vitamin B1, potassium, calcium and magnesium. By using a modern screw press, which we had specially adapted in Germany to the characteristics of our Amazon raw materials. The gentle cold pressing succeeds and we get a pure and high-quality Brazil nut oil without hidden solvents.

Brazil nuts from wild trees

Brazil nuts from wild trees Brazil nuts are the capsule fruits of the Brazil nut tree of the same name, which grows throughout the Amazon and can reach a gigantic 50 meters in height. Collectors can harvest up to 1,000 capsules of 15-20 Brazil nuts each from a single Brazil nut tree. The hard seed capsules are broken open on site with a machete to get at the Brazil nuts. The cold-pressed Brazil nut oil even has the highest content of natural selenium among all oils and clearly belongs to the most valuable natural oils in the world.

What are the advantages of Brazil nut oil?

What are the advantages of Brazil nut oil?
– Food quality
– Subtle nutty note: perfect for pastries and salads
– Recommended for moisturizers and anti-aging formulations
– Makes skin noticeably supple and soft to the touch
– The highest known content of natural selenium, helps fight free radicals and is ideal for diabetics and those with selenium deficiencies

*All statements are based on literature references or the basis of oral tradition by indigenous peoples and are informal in nature or merely describe traditional use in the state of Amazonas. They may be derived from in vitro or animal studies and therefore, according to the EU, not proven on humans. The claims have not been evaluated by competent authorities and they do not refer to finished products. The marketer of a finished product containing AMANACI raw materials as an ingredient is responsible for ensuring that the product claims are legitimate and comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the country in which the product is sold.