Murumuru Butter

Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter

Traditional Use & Properties*

Vegetable silicone, Conditioner, Anti-Pollution
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Murumuru Butter

Murumuru butter is a high-quality vegetable fat and is obtained from the wild-collected seeds of the Murumuru palm (Astrocaryum Murumuru). Murumuru butter contains approximately 45 % lauric acid. It is a soothing, protective and nourishing consistency provider for sensitive skin, which at the same time has the ability to strengthen frizzy and dry hair from the inside.

Ideal butter for sensitive skin care

Murumuru butter is an intensive yet long-lasting moisturizer for sensitive and allergic skin. Our cold-pressed Murumuru butter cannot be surpassed in terms of quality, sustainability and area of application. It impresses with a high content of lauric acid and is very similar to coconut oil in its composition, with the difference that Murumuru has anti-allergenic properties and no comedogenicity. Itching and skin reactions, as is often the case with coconut oil, are not to be expected. Therefore, our butter is a blessing for irritated and allergic skin.

Murumuru seeds from wild palms

Murumuru seeds are collected by forest communities in the wetlands along the sediment-rich Rio Solimões in the middle of the Amazon. Rodents and fish love the fatty pulp and simply leave the tear-like seeds. These are collected after the rainy season and dried in a drying plant to about 12 % residual moisture. We then press the wild seeds at below 40°C in our modern oil mill to produce precious murumuru butter. Our murumuru butter is produced completely without the typically hidden extenders such as glycerin or refined fat pastes.

What are the advantages of Murumuru butter?

Due to the high concentration of medium-chain fatty acids such as caprylic, capric and lauric acid, murumuru butter does not go rancid quickly and it also has a long shelf life if stored properly. Formulations containing murumuru butter form a fine and protective film on the skin, the so-called anti-pollution effect. From hair treatments to shampoos to lotions, or to protect against chlorinated water or as a consistency enhancer for light foundations, Murumuru is used almost everywhere. In combination with tucuma or buriti and the cooling effect of lauric acid, murumuru is considered an ideal consistency agent for after-sun care products. The bioactive ingredients also provide support for eczema, psoriasis, stressed skin and ensures shiny hair.

*All statements are based on literature references or the basis of oral tradition by indigenous peoples and are informal in nature or merely describe traditional use in the state of Amazonas. They may be derived from in vitro or animal studies and therefore, according to the EU, not proven on humans. The claims have not been evaluated by competent authorities and they do not refer to finished products. The marketer of a finished product containing AMANACI raw materials as an ingredient is responsible for ensuring that the product claims are legitimate and comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the country in which the product is sold.