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Amazon raw materials

Who saves at the wrong end will be paying a price someday for that. We believe in this also. Because of this we only produce our raw materials of wild primordial plants. These have demonstrably the highest environmental quality and the maximum concentration of active ingredients. In this way we enable manufacturers, distributors, therapists and also private persons the direct access to the same bioactive Ingredients are also used by the native people for centuries.

Raw materials in the overview

Ob Privat, Hersteller oder Therapeut – unsere Amazonas Rohstoffe können pur verwendet werden oder zur Herstellung von Lebensmitteln, Naturkosmetik und medizinischen Produkten.

Naturkosmetik Rohstoffe
Naturkosmetik Rohstoffe von Amanaci

Cosmetic Ingredients

Vegan raw materials for effective and sustainable Natural Cosmetics.

Kaltgepresste Pflanzenöle

Cold Vegetable Oils

High quality vegetable oils for functional food, for health and beauty.

Konsistenzgeber für Naturkosmetik und Kosmetik

Natural thickener

Vegan waxes and natural thickeners for organic Natural Cosmetics.

Pflanzenextrakte für Naturkosmetik und Kosmetik

Active oil & Extract

Extracts and bioactive oils to be used pure or to develop medical products.


Secrets from the depths of the Amazon

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