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Private Label Cosmetics, that separates your brand from others.

Our development: Your success!

Would you not get worry on the development and packaging of your Natural Cosmetics and always the same formulations and ingredients from other contract manufacturers aren’t for your Project? Or are you still in the start-up phase and would like to be sure with small quantities? And anyway – Where all the Ingredients come from with other Private Label manufacturers?

If you’re grappling with these issues then will our Private Label Cosmetic called “Secrets of Amazônia” the perfect solution for your project. Whether if face cream, lip balm, face lotion or Bodylotion – our Natural Cosmetics contains everything what the ecologically driven user wishes and can get – and plant trees in the Amazonas, by the way.

Wild Ingredients meets modern know-how

Nachhaltige Private Label Kosmetik

Why our Private label cosmetics are sustainably?

Transparency & honesty

With Natural Cosmetics consumers will increasingly are pulled by the nose. Thankfully, a growning number of informed people are second-guess every single ingredients to the point of origin. We know it’s only a matter of time before a large measure of Quality will prevail. Good for our Private Label Cosmetics, because we dedicate ourselves to Sustainable raw materials that are harvest in the wild of the depth of the Amazon – and thus on the genuine sustainability without a fake gimmicky words.

Private Label

Private Label Cosmetic that protect the Amazon Rainforest

And not only on the Paper

Our Private Label Cosmetic contains bioactive ingredients from real forest plants, who, thanks to the secret knowledge of our indigenous partners are collected wild in the biodiversity of the Amazon. With the wild harvesting we offer the Forest Dwellers a real alternative to illegal logging, slashing and burning or the mining for Gold and fund our reforestation programmes with the revenue from the sale of our ingredients.

Private Label Kosmetik Kleinmengen

Small batch Private label cosmetics

For StartUps & small companies

Whether if face cream, lip balm, face lotion or Bodylotion – each cosmetic there’s for every type of skin and in small quantities on 100 pieces. This allows the full flexibility for those who don’t want produced a own cosmetic brand yet.
Thus we enable start-ups, retailers, doctors and therapist’s the entry into the world of real Natural Cosmetics and thanks to the unique ingredients a clear difference to “Natural Cosmetics” from the mainstream market.

Gründe für Naturkosmetik

5 reasons for our Private label cosmetics

  • Your unique Proposition: sustainable. wild. vegan.
  • Ingredients without Greenwashing for true marketing on eye level
  • Natural cosmetics free from pesticides, herbicides, insecticides & hormones
  • We know our Harvester personally and all raw materials are 100 % traceable
  • Every sale plant trees in the Amazon – and that you can always prove wit Amanaci

Our Private Label Cosmetic is 100% natural origin and is consists of a ready-to-use, immediately available Cosmetic. Each of said products has been developed and tested by a German Lab and contains precious secrets from the depths of the Amazon. There are three additional intensities and price levels below it, for the best possible approach with your audience!

Our private label products

Secrets of Amazônia

1 Secret

There are one bioactive Ingredient in each Private Label Product within this category.

2 Secrets

There are 2 or 3 bioactive Ingredients in each Product within this category.

3+ Secrets

There are 5 to 5 secret Ingredients in each Product within this category.

Buy your Private Label Cosmetics directly online

No matter if retailers, wholesalers or start-ups: This private label cosmetics range transform your Brand into an unique one and actively help to refinancing our aforestation projects.


Secrets from the depths of the Amazon

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Marketing for sustainable cosmetics

In Natural Cosmetics nothing is more important (almost) than transparency and social responsibility. There is a lot of lies in the area Cosmetics and, therefore, we help your Brand with authentic Videos directly from the Amazon.

Naturkosmetik Marketing

Authentic Video for your Marketing

We are personally present in the Amazon Rainforest and we can produce authentic videos – respectively, when harvest the fruits – that helps your brand to increase the traffic on the social media channels. Thus differs your storytelling away from other Cosmetic Brands and the less authentic competitors are kept apart.

Naturkosmetik Video

How much your Video will cost

  • indiv. photos and videos for Web and Print
  • Price Interview-Video (Full HD): 1.820,00 € *
  • Price Complex-Video (Full HD): 3.276,00 € *

We film using Full-High Definition-resolution (Full HD)

  • Sony Alpha 6300
  • Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 Gimbal

Do you want to send your own camera crew? With us no problem! We bring your Team to the best places and in regions, these probably do not seen by classical tourists.

Beratung Naturkosmetik

Consulting for natural cosmetics

In Europe, we offer new exotic Ingredients. In their country of origin these have largely been proven. We would be pleased to advise for any questions like:

  • What do I need to consider when my clients applying?
  • For what applications every Line can they be used?
  • Can Amanaci tell me additional ingredients that my existing Cosmetics work better?
  • How Amanaci can help me that my customers will accept the new ingredients?

With sustainable natural cosmetics on the fast track

You want Natural Cosmetics without Greenwashing and you want to convince with transparency and genuine sustainability to keep ahead of the competition? Or do you want to support us with your purchase at our reforestation in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest?