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Cosmetics contract manufacturing, for brands who do good.

Our manufacturing: your success!

The Market for Natural Cosmetics is growing fast, and increasingly the consumers will been duped. Fortunately, the number of well-informed consumers is also growing and single content substance are being questioned back to its origin. It is only a question of time before a high level of Quality will enforce his claims and gain even further acceptance. Therefore, from the start of our Contract Manufacturing to now we focused on Natural Cosmetics without palm oil, microplastics and without false promotional formulas. And even if we develop your new Natural Cosmetics in Germany, strictly speaking in Berlin, you don’t have to be afraid it takes longer such as our Airport. We work reliably, quickly and combine the local knowledge of indigenous people with the latest knowledge of dermatology, organic solvent chemistry and manufacturing technology for pure Natural Cosmetics with an aha-reaction.

Advantages Amanaci contract manufacturing

Lohnhersteller Naturkosmetik

Contract manufacturer for genuine natural cosmetics

In azba cosmetics GmbH we have found a partner which is produced and develops with our sustainable raw materials high-class cosmetic formulas without hidden pollutants. To achieve this goal, we combine the AMANACI-knowledge of original plants the field of enzyme kinetics with the AZBA-knowledge of ethical production of Cosmetics. On unique small quantities for hotels, manufactories and cosmetic studios to the greater production: With our Natural Cosmetics your Brand is as natural as possible can be.

Lohnhersteller Kosmetik

Your benefit with us as a Contact manufacturer

  • No unnecessary initial costs
  • individual formulations and a profound experience
  • clean declaration without Greenwashing
  • mysterious Ingredients with noticeable effects
  • Also possible combination formulations with other raw materials
  • free of charge: quality control of used Amazon raw materials
Lohnhersteller Naturkosmetik Kleinmengen

Small batch natural cosmetics for Start-ups & retailers

Almost every project starts small and who wants to save the world – need to be flexible and responsive to change. Therefore we also offering you the production and development of cosmetics in individually small quantities of 100 kg. If the quantities to large for you, we provide a time-saving solution with our Private Label Cosmetic. In this way we enable Start-Ups and Retailers an entrance into the World of genuine Natural Cosmetics and thanks to our wild Ingredients a clear difference to “Natural Cosmetics” from the mass market.

Naturkosmetik produzieren lassen

Natural cosmetics how we produce

  • vegan and cruelty-free face cream
  • vegan and cruelty-free shampoos
  • vegan and cruelty-free sunscreens
  • vegan and cruelty-free hair care
  • vegan and cruelty-free lip-care
  • vegan and cruelty-free conditioners
  • medical care and pharmaceutical cosmetics (** without registration!)

Natural cosmetics who protect the Amazon Rainforest

Together for the Amazon Rainforest!

The joint projects of AMANACI & azba cosmetics have been arisen on the basis of the sustainability and not according to the economic efficiency. With the use of wild Amazon raw materials you support us in the protection of rainforest areas and also offers he forest dwellers and natives a sustainable and true alternative to the logging or slash-and-burning.

Naturkosmetik herstellen

Documents for your request

To get a proper basis for discussion, it is important that you answer in as much detail as possible, and sending us the following Form with your request together via the form below.

With genuine natural cosmetics on the fast track

Do you wish to produce high-quality Natural Cosmetics with a contract manufacturer, but without hidden pollutants, without Greenwashing and at the same time wishes to convince with our social transparency and real sustainability? If yes, then send an enquiry directly into our our development team and conquer the Market with genuine natural cosmetics.